Depending on the symptoms and the cause, I use various massage and mobilization techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology, aroma, connective tissue or cupping massage, Dorn-Breuss.

Aponi Massage

The Aponi massage is a self-developed form of massage that includes all of our aspects of being. The gentle, energetic massage with precious, wonderfully fragrant essential oils invites you to forget everyday life and regain your strength. So body, mind, and soul can unite again and you will find your original strength and lightness again.

This experience is only carried out on special days, taking into account the moon, selected days and depending on your topic!

Immerse yourself in this experience and let everything flow!


A lava shell massage is a form of massage that is carried out with shells. Depending on the season, the mussels are warmed or cooled.

This is how you experience a massage with warm, deep relaxation in the cold season or a cool, refreshing revitalization of all the senses in the hot summer months.