Numerology broadens our horizons and lets us view and understand everything from a new perspective. We can analyze the name of a company, the date of foundation, an animal name, the house number or the place of residence. Everything that bears a name can be checked and explained.

A numeroscope provides information about the power of your birth numbers. You will find statements about:

  • Your abilities and talents

  • Your great potential and what prevents you from releasing them

  • Life issues that accompany you and want to be worked on by you

  • Your behaviour, deeper reaction patterns, survival strategies, and compensation behaviour

  • Your impact on other people

  • The first impression that others get from you

  • Your main task in this life, which you have to fulfil to be happy in the long term.

  • Furthermore, you will find information about the deeper meaning of your name, the topics of the current age, changeable numbers and topics that you cannot avoid by virtue of your will.

Good to know:
No impersonal numerology software is used for the creation, but each document is created by A-Z as a one-off production.
A numeroscope comprises approx. 25-30 A4 pages in color and is delivered in a practical stapler.
The cost of a numeroscope is € 97.

"Your parents give you a name, the universe gives you a number."