Overview of treatment methods

  • Laser frequency therapy according to Vinja Bauer

  • Trauma treatments

  • Vital mushrooms

  • Bioresonance therapy according to Paul Schmitt
    Testing and treatment

  • Electrotherapy/pain therapy/heat therapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Bach flowers

  • Manual therapies:
    Mobilization, manual lymphatic drainage, Dorn-Breuss, cupping, Aponi massage, classic massage, Lava-shell massages

  • Phytotherapy (herbal medicine):
    Spagyric, tea, tinctures, "Gemmo-Mazerat", essential oils, fresh plant juices, herbs , oils/macerates

  • Complementary procedures:
    Laser, phytotherapy (herbal medicine), cupping, leeches, bioresonance, wraps

  • reflexology therapies:
    Moxa, cupping, auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture using seeds or point finder), Kinesio-taping