Naturopathy for animals

Wild animals have always used the power of medicinal herbs, which is why naturopathy is justified here too. It can be used to supplement and support the work of the veterinarian. This enables me to work well with the veterinarian colleagues.

For the treatment of your animal, I like to make home visits or make an appointment in the practices of the veterinarians working with me.


An overview of the areas in which I work:

  • Soul comfort
    Mental anxiety, stress, jealousy, abuse, change of ownership, trauma

  • Physical welbeing
    Injuries, inflammation, tension, after operations/regeneration

  • Allergies/intolerances

  • Vaccination preparation/elimination

  • Parasite prophylaxis and control

  • Feeding recommendation/supplements
    BARF diet, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, intestinal structure

  • Grooming products for your darling
    The 100% natural grooming products without additives are manufactured individually to the needs of your animal