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Naturopathy for person and animal

Naturopathy treats and corrects health problems from scratch to eliminate not only the symptoms but also the cause of the disease.

It is the combination of observation, diagnostics and therapies that contribute to the restoration of well-being by considering every person and animal as unique, taking into account their physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

About me


I was born and grew up in Switzerland. I had my practice in Switzerland for over 18 years. As a medical masseuse, I opened my practice in 2000. In 2011 I started my 4-year course as a certified naturopath TEN (Traditional European Naturopathy).

Through my grandmother, I was learnt to experience the strength and knowledge of medicinal plants as a child, which gave me relief from some illnesses.

At the age of 7 I started swimming at the SLRG (Swiss Life Saving Society). At the age of 18, I trained as a life-saving swimming instructor for youth and sports in the federal government and taught children and teenagers.

In our family, the pets were part of the family, which explains my love of animals, which was strongly influenced by my father. Even today I enjoy the company of my 3 fantastic dogs, my proud cat and my 5 happy chickens.